Vampires burnout too!

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It has been almost two months since I have properly tweeted, updated my Facebook status or interacted on any Social Media networks I am addicted to. I crave it all, getting up to check Twitter for any news and then going on Facebook to check in on all the drama that goes on between friends. So what happened to the vampire that was always online?

Guess vampires do burnout too. In my case I think I was too connected to everything. I used to wake up mid-sleeps just to check in on my phone for notifications and out of curiosity about what was happening while I was asleep. Pretty bizarre thinking about it now but I do state I am a Social Media addict on all profiles and the website, but didn’t realize how bad it was till I finally crashed. I can’t pin down how exactly it all went down but do remember withdrawing from everywhere to catch up with work and school, limiting myself to not tweet or anything till I was done. By the time I used to be done I was exhausted and wouldn’t have energy to properly engage or even hold a conversation without passing out. So I decided to take a break for a day or two and do what I didn’t get to do while I worked. These short breaks turned from days into weeks and eventually two months.

Why did those days become weeks? I thought a lot about this, it wasn’t that I hadn’t tried to come back on, but every time I tried to get back to normal something would stop me. That something would be the responsibilities, I had to prioritize what I had to get done and at that point work seemed more important. I decided to work and not go back to being ‘social’ till I was done. Which was the biggest mistake, what I didn’t know then was it was being ‘social’ was what fueled my creativity and motivation. Stopping doing either had an effect on the other. Key was to manage time better and find a balance.

Finding balance isn’t easy, I still haven’t found it but am getting somewhere. While I was off the grid for these two months I got into a relationship, which made it even harder as my fun time was now divided into spending time with that special someone or spending my time on different Social Networks. The choice seems obvious, doesn’t it? That is what happened. I wasn’t willing to give up on all the friends I had made as they mattered too.  Last weekend a few of them decided to group up and get me out of my cave, which worked!

It still is a bit overwhelming getting back into the streams but I used to do it before, so should be able to now. I did learn a lot from the break. Sometimes you have to take a step back and re-evaluate everything because it’s easy to lose sight of your goal when in Social Media. You can sway from your path really easily. I didn’t go completely offline during my time off, I was actually there all the time, lurking and looking at all these people I knew like a wallflower. I noticed those who talk a lot do a lot less, if you think about it there is no way one can keep up with all these Social Media networks together. You have to compromise somewhere. Another cool thing that really made me happy was that my friends felt my absence and did reach out to check in. Knowing I wasn’t forgotten is what motivated me to get back on the social streams. If they cared enough to tell me they missed me, I owed them this. I couldn’t just sit here in my solitude and do nothing.

Irony is that I wrote an article about what Social Media burnouts were and how one could avoid them right before I went down. My aim now is to find my balance and stop working when I need to. When you love what you do, it’s hard to stop working. But I guess they call it work for a reason. Now all I am worried about is where does my Klout score stand! Kidding, maybe.

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  • Gail Zahtz


    I went through the same period earlier this year. It started from burnout, and then all of the things where life got in the way. When I came back on, I fell right back. The big struggle for everyone engaged in Social Media is finding balance. I can not say I have found but I do know that I am aware and looking at my time and where there is value and where there is not.

    If I am on for work (mostly) then where does it tip from useful to not to harmful in preventing time doing other work? I also found people talking not working…then others just using it smarter ~ somehow having a strong pretense yet not taking over days of time.

    If I am on to have fun socializing, That’s fine as long as I know it comes from another non-work activity ~ and if the cost is TV, great. If the cost is socializing with my real world friends and family, not so fine.

    Balancing our time has become such even greater challenge with so many “Important” things available every second. And judging the quality of relationships is harder also. The best thing I do is take my relationships offline
    if there is a connection for work ~ we talk, Skype, chat live privately, etc. I know almost all of our time interacting has been Skype, not twitter :-) Offline I can have the more lasting relationships, and create real working relationships.

    Your “generation” will have a tougher time perhaps. I was at the student union at a university the other day ~ one of my favorite places when I was in college ~ and while I was in front of a screen, I saw hundreds of student sitting in front of theirs ~ maybe two at a table, but no one talking to the person next to them.

    Glad you are back ~ but hope you find your balance too!