A reboot.

1 Posted by - March 21, 2013 - Life

It’s been three years since I registered this domain and a lot has changed ever since. I have been doing what I do for more than three years but having my website made a difference. When I decided I wanted to have a personal website it was to build a personal brand. I wanted to be known for something. Starting out wasn’t easy, establishing your presence and then finding people who might like you is no easy task but I got there.

There were many ups and downs in the experience though, connecting with new people and making friends is the fun part but as you keep on going in the same direction it gets harder. Maintaining relationships of any kind is hard, so is finding the time to maintain them. No matter how hard you try life will get in the way, its inevitable. It might be because you’re moving too fast or priorities, finding the time becomes hard and when you do reach this point it causes fatigue if you don’t take a step back and relax. I have learned a lot over the past few months and have done a lot of thinking. I had a strategy, everyone who’s in the game and maintains their personal brand does. But there were a few flaws in mine, there wasn’t any free time for fun nor was it balanced. I had to go back to the start refocus on what was important and make a few changes because I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the way things were.

All this analyzing did cost my clout (and Klout, ha.) a little, many of us would like to think that isn’t true but it is in the online world. If you aren’t seen you slowly start to lose your influence. Which is good and bad. I tend to think that your influence is useless if it requires you to be there and talk a lot to be remembered. True influence is when people know you for who you are and don’t forget you when they don’t talk to you for a long time.  You gotta leave a mark, a memory, something they won’t forget and will remember you by. So sure I was a little worried to take a break but I was also looking forward to see what happened. The results were quite surprising and mostly made me happy.

After all of this I didn’t want to just go back, I wanted to start fresh. So I re-did my website and changed the format to something more suitable for micro blogging as doing dedicated blog posts takes a lot of time and last years blogging agenda crashed & burned when work got into way.

Oh and I also redesigned my logo too. Bet you didn’t see the D and S in the shape till you read this. Let me know if you don’t see it!

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