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They say silence speaks volumes, and that is exactly how this year has been. Silent but so much has happened. I was on a Social Media hiatus almost all 2014, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I would have been worried about my Klout score but it turns out it isn’t relevant anymore! 

Most of this year was spent working on projects behind the scenes, we built apps and start-ups inside the labs. Essence Labs matured as a brand and we also changed direction. It’s a full service digital agency now and we have a few new team members as well. You can read more about what’s happening there on the Essence Labs blog here.

The digital media world is one shrouded in secrecy, so when a team is silent, you bet they’re up to something good. All year round I kept telling people we have been working on something super cool I can’t tell them about yet but here are a few highlights. We have been working on three major things, the Archive Poster, Queue+ and Listr most of this year. Archive Poster is a browser extension that helps power users post stuff to Tumblr really quick, if you are a Tumblr user you will love it. It has a 100,000+ users, I can’t take much credit for it though, the idea and development credit goes to Ashish Pandhi, I was just a part of the development process. So proud of him about it though! Queue+ is a post scheduling platform for Tumblr, it could be compared to Buffer app but we offer a bit more advanced functionality. I’ve been helping build since its alpha stages, I remember the day we hit 500 users, we were so happy. Since then I have redesigned the app and have helped out with feature development. It has almost 92,000 users at the time of this writing and I am sure we’ll hit 100k in under a month from now. Listr is basically Twitter lists for Tumblr. Listr is in alpha stages and we have around 10,000 users helping us test it out. It also won the Best UX/UI Award at HackNY 2013.

As you may have noticed it’s a lot of Tumblr! While I may have been on a social media hiatus, I got myself a Tumblr blog called Deep Bits where I post inspirational (and a bit of random personal) stuff everyday. It has almost 30,000 followers! There were also a few exciting client projects like working on an edible Fanta print ad. That is all behind the scenes. This website you are on right now also got a honorable mention at Awwwards in November! I ended the year by covering a few music festivals for a magazine that cannot be named. We’re working on a feature article about the best music festivals around the world. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of popular music people through that, it’s been fun. Oh and a lot of flying! We are also hoping to launch a clothing line next year, that’s more of a personal project that’s been in the planning the last few months, more on that later.

As I mentioned at the start of the post, it’s been a very good year for a silent year. Next year will be epic!

Image Credit: By Sonja Langford

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    Proud that you have gotten so much done and that you are really working to do so much more of what you love to do! Keep working hard and don’t let anybody hinder that.